TAC Group

The Company was founded in 1990 by Eng. Suleiman Sammour as a Construction Management Company. The company gradually expanded to become a Construction Company specialized in Villas, Buildings, Water supply, and Sewage disposal projects.

In 1995 the company was restructured as a Construction Company under the name “Technical Arab Contracting Group” (TACG). Since then (TACG) has been expanding gradually, with focus on building a good reputation at the national level.

Currently, (TACG) is run by its co-owners and project managers, who have been in the construction business for over twenty five years. In any (TACG) project, at least one of the company’s owners would be directly involved in the project management.


(TACG) currently employs over 30 key personnel in addition to a large number of skilled and unskilled laborers and has acquired many years of experience in various civil engineering projects including construction management, building construction, infrastructure, roads, maintenance, and Interior decoration works. (TACG) has worked with several agencies both at the national and international levels.

Our Team

Sami Sammour

B.Sc. in Civil Engineering Athens University, 1983. ssammour@tacgroup.com.jo

Waleed Ayoub

B.Eng. in Civil Engineering Liverpool University, U.K., 1982. wayoub@tacgroup.com.jo

laith sammour

Ph.D in Civil Engineering Texas A&M University, U.S.A, 2003. ltashman@tacgroup.com.jo

Saeed Sabboubeh

Projects Director

University of Kuwait, 1984